New Business Development
in the High Tech Sector


When you have a high value solution, service, or product, and the sales cycle may be long, it is essential that you find ways to help your sales team be more productive. Providing them with highly qualified leads when the prospect is ready to talk to a salesperson helps move the activity from prospecting to selling.   

Teleprospecting is a challenging job.

It requires nurturing raw, and/or, lukewarm prospects into hot categories, and then developing them to the point they can be handed over to the sales force as qualified. Sometimes it happens fast and sometimes it may take days, weeks, and even months to work through this process requiring the teleprospector to have the skill, patience, and discipline to engage the prospect in a conversation that may take place over an extended period of time.

  • This process may require multiple phone calls, email follow ups, and voice mails before a conversation begins. The objective of the teleprospector is to have a meaningful discussion and build a relationship with a C-level decision maker or influencer. Often it’s the influencers, the people in the trenches who stand to benefit most from whatever it is you're selling, who initiate change and introduce the teleprospector to the decision maker(s).     
  • Patience is required, as an executive will not often engage until the priority escalates. They may however recall the emails and phone calls and be ready to explore further at a later date.   
  • Once interest is established, the teleprospector manages the process through probing, documenting, and if need be, sending appropriate collateral materials with content most likely to move the prospect forward.
  • When the teleprospector turns the lead over to sales they should have comprehensive information about the opportunity, the key drivers, any pain points or problems, and if possible, when any decisions will be made.
  • A quality list is critical to success. Many companies have a peculiar knack of focusing on building a huge database. While that is certainly a favorable situation, quantity should never supersede quality. It’s important to build a quality database so the teleprospector can do a quality job of producing a top quality lead.            

The primary objective of a teleprospector is to build a trusted relationship with the prospect that establishes credibility that is transferable to the sales force. Building this relationship early in the buying cycle is very important. Utilized properly, email and teleprospecting are the most cost effective, and most utilized tools used in new business development. They need to be an integral part of the relationship between marketing’s demand generation and the salesforce’s selling efforts.

Client Testimonial

“I've had the great pleasure and privilege to work with Bill on a number of business development projects. Bill is a consummate professional who takes a rigorous and systematic approach to pursuing and developing new business opportunities. His outstanding work ethic, positive demeanor, excellent communication skills, and relentless follow up ensures that he maximizes every possible opportunity generating milestone ROI on business development campaigns for his clients."

Bob French, Principal. The RightShore Group