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Most people do not understand the difference – or even know that there is a difference – between telemarketing and teleprospecting. Consequently, these two functions are often lumped together as the same thing, but in reality they are two very distinct activities.

Telemarketing is just that – marketing via the telephone.

When a telemarketer makes a call, the goal is to get a message across as quickly and efficiently as possible. Telemarketers make a large volume of calls in the hopes that once they have given their, often scripted, pitch something has resonated that will keep the prospect on the phone to hear more. If the prospect doesn’t end the call immediately, the telemarketer will take them through a well-scripted conversation tree, regardless of the prospect’s interest or applicability.

Telemarketing is designed to cover as much ground as possible via the telephone in the shortest period of time. It is a numbers game” and can be an extremely successful tactic for companies selling lower ticket business to consumer (B2C) products and services. However, the lack of flexibility in the scripting and wide net approach is not always the most effective path to larger ticket business to business (B2B) sales.

Where telemarketing takes a one-size-fits-all approach to telephone work, a teleprospector looks for sales opportunities based on the pains and frustrations being experienced by the prospect. A teleprospector speaks with a prospect to help them solve one or more critical business problems. The conversation will typically be scripted for the initial introduction, but after that, the teleprospector must listen intently to the answers being given and be ready to ask the most appropriate follow up questions.

Success in teleprospecting is measured by the conversion to forecast metric, not just in the numbers of meetings or conference calls booked. Therefore a good teleprospector will not pass along anything that doesn’t have a high likelihood of moving to the next step in the sales process. Instead, teleprospectors will focus on delivering higher qualified sales leads.

Telemarketing or Teleprospecting? Be sure you select the right one for your business.


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