New Business Development
in the High Tech Sector

M&A Opportunities

According to King White at Site Selection Group… ”Offshoring has become standard operating procedure for most companies as they seek to reduce cost and increase profitability. With the recent election of President Trump, companies are struggling to figure out what he might do to diminish the offshoring of operations such as manufacturing plants, call centers, and software/application development operations. If the recent situation with Carrier Corp. in Indiana and Ford Motor Co. in Michigan is any indication, companies will need to be prepared for intense media exposure and political pressure. The details of Trump’s strategies have yet to be revealed; however, companies will remain cautious in making offshoring strategies going forward.”


1. Seeking to buy a U.S. based call center business with financial expertise – 300-400 agents but willing to consider anything up to 2000 seats – presently doing anywhere from $25-$100M annually.

2. Seeking to buy a U.S. based call center business specializing in collections – presently doing about $15M annually.

3. Seeking to sell a U.S. based Call Center business – 250 seats – in the financial sector – doing “in the area of $30M-$40M” annually. Please contact Integrateurs Intn’l Inc. for further information.

Client Testimonial

“I've had the great pleasure and privilege to work with Bill on a number of business development projects. Bill is a consummate professional who takes a rigorous and systematic approach to pursuing and developing new business opportunities. His outstanding work ethic, positive demeanor, excellent communication skills, and relentless follow up ensures that he maximizes every possible opportunity generating milestone ROI on business development campaigns for his clients."

Bob French, Principal. The RightShore Group