Who is the most important employee in a Company?

The Receptionist!

And often they are amongst the lowest paid!

But at their best, these frontline employees can dramatically improve a brand and business, or they can kill it. simply by their attitude and tone of voice on the phone. Being in tele-com marketing and new business development for close to 20 years, I estimate I’ve spoken to well over a million receptionists over the years. Some good, some bad, and some dreadful! Considering the influence they have on our success, isn’t it time we give them the respect they deserve? Coach them! Guide them! Reward them! Listen to them! – and every once in a while call them to know what your brand sounds like over the phone.

Good customer service is also not limited to the receptionist. The contact center agent can also wield enormous influence. Customer service has evolved into an omni-channel, cross-enterprise, multi-site state-of-the-art function. And with the addition of new channels, social media, and more new channels on the way, we’ve given some employees megaphones that could leave us with little room for error.

These workers need the right tools to do their job. Go watch the agents in a contact center. You will see them deftly navigate among more than six different applications running simultaneously on one screen—while dealing with the pressure to get the customer off the phone as quickly as possible. They use reliable tools, contact center optimization technologies that deliver information and guidance in real time, so they can serve customers adequately and make sure they leave satisfied.

Better yet, if its inbound order taking they should have tools and information at their fingertips that help them sell the caller on pricier goods. In this regard, a call-center agent should be like in-store salespeople at one of those big retailers—helpfully pushing more expensive items, however they got me long before that with the impulse sale

Telephone Receptionists and Contact Center Agents can meet your Customers satisfaction expectation levels, and exceed them! Treat them right and you’ll see it on the bottom line!