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Trends in customer service are very clear. Starting in the fall of 2012 through to early 2013 analyst after analyst consistently placed a multi-channel strategy among the top ten initiatives that should be focused on in the coming year. Though the terminology used varies – with various analysts reviewing multichannel; cross channel, transverse channel and the latest term: omnichannel – they all consistently talk about the importance of being able to service any customer with a consistent context and with consistent service capabilities across any channel. Read More

Who is the most important employee in a Company?

The Receptionist!

And often they are amongst the lowest paid!

But at their best, these frontline employees can dramatically improve a brand and business, or they can kill it. simply by their attitude and tone of voice on the phone. Being in tele-com marketing and new business development for close to 20 years, I estimate I’ve spoken to well over a million receptionists over the years. Some good, some bad, and some dreadful! Considering the influence they have on our success, isn’t it time we give them the respect they deserve? Coach them! Guide them! Reward them! Listen to them! – and every once in a while call them to know what your brand sounds like over the phone. Read More


Print These 8 Rules for Initial B2B Sales Meetings – They’re That Good!

Since 1995, Integrateurs Intn’l Inc. has scheduled over 5000 B2B conference calls or meetings with qualified prospects for our Clients products/services/solutions. In total we have delivered over 7500 leads. We maintain a strong feedback loop with our Clients & Prospects on the status of those opportunities, and, from that feedback, we have been able to detect patterns and best practices around your sales calls. Read More



Another amazing thing that works well is storytelling, but only if your contact seems friendly, receptive, and has the time to listen. You can usually tell when somebody is busy or not interested and just wants to get off the phone. If they do sound receptive, one of the best story tellers I’ve come across is my friend Ian Brodie in the U.K. He specializes in helping companies rejuvenate their marketing strategies. Following is one of his stories. Read More